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November 2006 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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GRUMble Re-visited: Martyn Bailey's 101 Land Rover Forward Control
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This amazing vehicle was first featured on the Dec 2002 homepage of; about two and a half years after Martyn had acquired it. He has continued to modify GRUMble and you can read an account of what he has done, as well as gain an informative insight into Series Land Rover Forward Control ownership by visiting Martyn's website. His latest modification is to install air conditioning; motivated by the fact that being sat on the engine can simulate the feeling of driving in a sauna.

So, Martyn located a Kerstner, Cool Jet, Model 101 aircon unit on eBay and put in a bid with 30 seconds to go. He won. Then it sat in the back of GRUMble for a month or so with nothing much happening, other than taking measurements to decide whether it would really fit or not. Then action took over and the inside panels of GRUMble were removed to investigate exactly where and how it could be fitted. Well, Martyn was in luck because it was as if the designers of the Series Land Rover Ambulance 101 and Kerstner aircon were in collaboration. It fitted a treat.
Next task was to take the plunge with the jigsaw and cut the appropriate hole in the roof in the right place. Not forgetting, of course, to completely seal this temporary 'escape hatch' so as to survive a night outdoors whilst it 'p*ssed down with rain' - not that any Series Land Rover is ever waterproof!

Once set up on the outside, the inside needed attention; but not much. It could have been designed to go there. The unit offers a low profile both inside and out. Martyn is currently working on the electrics, compressor and hoses.

Visit Martyn's website to learn a lot more about series Land Rovers and 101's. He is Membership Secretary and Registrar of the 101 Land Rover Forward Control Club and Register Ltd (The 101 Club).

Good luck Martyn and thanks.

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