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Martin Walter, with his factory based in Folkstone, Kent had built a highly commendable reputation converting Ford and Bedford vehicles to motor caravans. When the LWB Series II Land Rover came onto the market it was a natural step to extend his conversion to a 4x4 vehicle.

A variety of Series Land Rover options were available. They could be powered by either the 2.25 litre petrol or diesel or the 6 cylinder 2.6 litre petrol engine.
Seating was transformed to accommodate 5 passengers facing forward and these seats could be transformed into a double bed with two additional bunk beds in the folding roof. Simple partitioning was also available for privacy within the Land Rover.

Seating was flexible enough to enable 4 people to sit around a dining table within the Land Rover. The cooking arrangements ran to a two burner gas cooker and a grill. Running water was available from a water container and a sink situated next to the cooker would drain to the ground outside the Land Rover.
There was provision for a toilet cabinet if required and an additional folding seat with dressing mirror.

Storage facilities consisted of enamelled steal cabinets which had bolts for fasteners.
Additional items which could be included were a forward roof rack, a cool cabinet, cab roof insulation, fly screen for the windows and an external side awning.

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