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(1956) Series 1 Land Rover 86" Hardtop

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Douglas Anderson bought the vehicle in 1986 as a part restored, un-finished project.

Series 1

The chassis with engine had been lying outdoors for a year. The water had run into the bores via the side valve exhausts and the piston rings had rusted solid. The pistons had to be removed using a block of wood, a sledgehammer and diesel.

Series I
The next owner stripped off the remaining paint and fitted the LR with a soft top.

Douglas notes that parts for a 1956 vehicle are usually difficult to find. However, part availability for the Series 1 was still quite good as the LR was used by the British Armed forces and parts were available from specialised army surplus outfits. Some of the 'new' spares he obtained were manufactured and packed in 1956, the year of manufacture of his Series1 !!

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