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Classic Series Land Rover Expeditions
1: The Oxford and Cambridge Far East Expedition

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In 1956, two Series I Land Rovers were the first vehicles to make the overland journey from London to Singapore. The team consisted of 6 men, and the witty, detailed account of their vehicles' preparations, repairs and supplies is re-published this month in First Overland: The Story of the Oxford and Cambridge Far Eastern Expedition, by Tim Slessor (1957),

The route taken was via Vienna, Belgrade, Salonika, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Burma,Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Commenting upon one 24-hour session on the World War II 'Burma Road' with the Land Rovers the author states that ..".without eight forward gears, four-wheel drive, and winches our overland venture might had have unstuck a dozen times.."

In consideration of his readers Tim states that:
"although on reaching our outward destination we had to turn round and come back, it occurs to me that it is expecting too much of the reader to do likewise

The return journey was commenced by ship and then completed by land from Calcutta, India.

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Tim Slessor's book is being re-published this month click here for more details and to order your copy.


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