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August 2005 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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Richard Tye's Series 3 Short Wheel Base Diesel Land Rover

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Richard acquired his vehicle in 1998 and one of the earliest problems he encountered was how to stop the engine!. On a supplementary page, you can read his account of the history behind his choice of this vehicle . It wasn't long before he started work on a long list of modifications aimed at producing a vehicle that could take on the best that the Australian outback has to offer.

Later, Richard joined the Land Rover Owners Club of Victoria and went out on a few of their trips. Then he started running trips of his own around the Gembrook and the Toolangi areas, not far from his home town of Melbourne, Australia.

Richard has been plagued with gearbox problems since acquiring the Land Rover and finally, when it gave up (at the end of his street ! ), he swopped a Warner T 98 Ford / International gearbox into it. No gearbox problems since.

Thanks Richard

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