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June 2005 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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Phil Hopson's story of "The Green Landy"

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Ever since I was small there has always, or nearly been, Land Rovers within close gawping reach. So after 10 years of seriously honing after one I took the plunge. "Parsley", as she is affectionately known, is a 1978 Series 3 109" Safari. I found her whilst browsing over e-bay! So the day before the auction ended we drove down to Derby in the middle of the night (Please note I live in Cheshire so it was quite a drive at 9:00PM!).

As we pulled onto the lane where the previous owner lived, a green Land Rover shadow lurked under a tree. It was pitch black so I couldn't really see her properly! (please note : do not try this, I was lucky in what I found, you may not be!) But as we drew close I had a sinking feeling that I would fall in love with her. It was -2C outside and there was already a frost on her windows. However, undaunted by the cold, we spoke with the owner, who handily produced a work lamp and an old dog bed to lie on. I grubbed round underneath; there was a lot of rust. The Land Rover needed: 1 new rear body upmount thing, 2 new front of spring outriggers and the chassis rails were/are corroded where they meet the rear crossmember. This aside there was a beauty of an engine fitted - an Iveco Diesel, which pulls like a train and gets a respectable MPG. The gearbox however was, and to this day, still is a bit of a nightmare. However, I have bought a replacement off e-bay. Just not fitted the damn thing yet!. But hey she's definitely a Landy! So we drove home feeling very satisfied. The Land Rover auction on e-bay was going well; there had been little in the way of other bidders and the price was £550 still. So throughout the week I waited like an expecting father. When I reached the final day of the auction some rogue bidders found her and so through sheer messing around the bidding reached £1.5 Million! Following this I sent several desperate e-mails to the seller begging him to stop the auction - to no avail. The auction finished and I thought I'd lost her. When I got home that day he had left me a message saying that due to my enthusiasm, He would be willing to settle for the last sensible bid! I was very pleased! £640 for my first Land Rover!

That was December since then I have done all sorts to her, most of which I cannot quite remember! However following several visits to grumpy old men selling overpriced Land Rover parts I got a bit depressed! I realised there was potential for me to sell parts at a reasonable price and still make money. That way I could offer help and advice to people like me, and use it as a business! and so from there The Green Landy was born.

The Green Landy

Thanks Phil and Good Luck

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