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November 2004 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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Derick Lean's Journey Through Africa in a Series III Land Rover

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Derick has dedicated a website to the information based on his experience of travelling from London to Cape Town in 1992/93 in a 1985 Series 3 Land Rover. He has partially updated it with additional information since. For anyone planning a similar Series Land Rover expedition there is a wealth of valuable information here.

Derick's website( no longer online) is divided into sections devoted to:

  • The route followed and major statistics.
  • Daily journal
  • Letters to friends and family.
  • The Series Land Rover and equipment taken.
  • Links and bibliography.
  • Trips to Africa since the main overland expedition

Africa map

It's a measure of the practicality of Derick's information to learn that:

  • the mosquito net was used more than the tent
  • the fridge wasn't really necessary
  • only one puncture occurred during the trip

    and much more......

Details of Land Rover Series preparation, the expedition itself, the contents of the toolbox, medical kit and spare parts are all listed in detail. Of particular interest is which Series spares were required on the trip and which were not.

Expedition Land Rover
Before the start.

Land Rover on sand

Thanks Derick.

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