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May 2004 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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Todd Jackson's Series III SWB Land Rover exported from the UK to Sweden.

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After a few phone calls, e-mails and pictures Todd was hooked on buying the Series 3 and so left on the airplane bound for the UK from Kalmar, Sweden to buy it.. He still remembers his wife's last words " I hope that you won't be disappointed". Later that day he could only think of what his wife said earlier. There was not a straight panel to be found, the exhaust was a poorly welded together set of bits and pieces, the rear shocks were weeping oil, the mileage read 98,800 (he was told 88,000) and the rust in the bulkhead!

Then, when he took the Land Rover for a test drive,he took his foot off the gas and it jumped out of second gear! He was disappointed, but he knew that he could repair the vehicle to the condition that he would eventually want it in. He bought it. More details on the purchase history are on Todd's website.

Series 3
As exported from the UK

Series III
After complete restoration in Sweden

The trip home involved a ferry crossing from Harwich to Esbjerg, Denmark. Then Todd drove through Denmark to the southern tip of Sweden and up the eastern coastline to Nybro, Sweden. The Land Rover ran like a dream. On arrival, Todds oldest son - gave it two thumbs up. Todd's in-law, said that it was a piece of scrap! and his wife didn't say too much. The Motor Vehicle Inspection Department were not helpful in providing Todd with information for the registration/inspection, so , he played it by ear. At the inspection, he tried to register the Series III as a passenger vehicle, but they wanted it registered as a light duty truck. This meant that it failed the inspection due to:

1. No load barrier between the load and passenger areas.

2. No anchor points ( 4 required ) on the load area floor.

3. The bullbar that he just bought at Paddocks did not meet EU regulations, therefore had to be removed. Apparently you cannot have anything that crosses over in front of the headlights. The bullbar was a wrap around unit with slats.

4. There was no chassis number stamped to the vehicle's frame.

5. The seat belts ( that were half-ass installed by the previous owner ) did not meet any safety standard.

Finally after doing the required fixes, it got a certificate of clean health on the 25th October, 2000, and was then a registered vehicle in Sweden. The Land Rover was christened RUR 487. Then Todd set about a complete restoration. An excellent and detailed account of his restoration with photos is on Todd's website.
Thanks Todd

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