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July 2003 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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Daniel Warden's Land Rover Series 3

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In action at the series III club national rally in Staffordshire

Daniel has owned his Land Rover Series 3 diesel 88 for about 4 months now. He keeps it in very good condition and it only gets occasional use at the moment..

A new chassis was fitted just before he bought it, so it really is rejuvenated.

The vehicle is quite nippy for a diesel and has a top speed of about 60mph. Daniel attributes this to a recent full service.

Since buying the Land Rover it has been fitted with 7.50 AT tyres on long wheelbase rims. Daniel painted the rims green.

Series 3 offroad

Other modifications Daniel has made in the short time he has owned the vehicle are:

  • fitted lower body sills
  • fitted original pattern seats
  • added heavy duty D-rings

The D-rings will prove useful when Daniel starts off-roading "properly" as he says.

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