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February 2003 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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Jean-Pierre's 1952 Series 1 80" Minerva Land Rover

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La Land Rover a ete fabriquee en Belgique sous le nom MINERVA. Ces "jeep" ont ete utilisees par l'armee belge et quelques dizaines d'exemplaires ont ete utilsee par la GENDARMERIE jusqu' en 1973 a peu pres.

A Land Rover Series Minerva leading the annual Gendarm parade in Brussels in 1967.

Jean Pierre, a Gendarme living in Belgium, obtained his Series 1 Minerva from the Belgian army and restored it to the specifications suited to a vehicle belonging to the Belgian police.

The restoration has been carried out to be as original as possible, including colour, stickers and, of course, blue light!

These are photos of Jean Pierre's vehicle.

Below is one of the 2 Land Rover Minerva's in the police museum in Brussels. Jean pierre tells us that there are between 1000-2000 Minervas currently in use in Belgium. But from 1972/73 Minerva's were replaced by the Land Rover 109.

The photo below was taken at a rally organised by several Belgian clubs to celebrate 50 years of the MINERVA.

So, if you are in the region of WAVRE in Belgium, keep an eye out for Jean Pierre's MINERVA.
You can contact Jean Pierre by

Thank you Jean Pierre for the photos and a brief insight into the Minerva in Belgium. We wish you happy motoring in 2003.

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