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November 2002 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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Larry: a 1974 Land Rover Series III 88"

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Series Land Rover Eastnor

Jeremy Bromley laments that he no longer has his Land Rover, Larry. They parted company earlier this year, after 11 years.

Larry started out life on a farm near Grantham, Lincs and then became involved in towing a horsebox on a regular basis. Both occupations being typical for a Series Land Rover. Upto 1989 Larry had only travelled 46,000 miles.

Larry at play

After owning Larry for a few years, Jeremy decided to rebuild him and repaint him and use him as his main vehicle (the Scirocco became a weekender).

Jeremy acknowledges that Series a Land Rover is not the most friendly environment for experiencing music on the move. So, to indulge his passion for music he installed a radio/cassette unit connected to a 400watt amplifier feeding 100 watts left and 100 watts right into Panasonic 5" mid range, and 1" tweeters, and 200 watts into a Celestion 10" Bass unit, in a custom built speaker unit, which filled about 1/3 of the rear deck.

Jeremy notes that he could actually vibrate the back door!

A final quote:

"Land Rovers, are without question, the best 4x4 off-road vehicles in the World! "

We agree with you Jeremy - and you could possibly have owned the loudest!

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