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Wheel Rims on Series Land Rovers

Series Land Rover rim

The standard wheel rims for the 88in Series Land Rover are not the same as for 109in wheel base version. They may look the same, but the centre is set deeper into the wheel rim on the long wheel base version. Putting it another way, the distance between the inside of the rim flanges (i.e. what the outer edges of the tyre beads will push against) is 5.0 inches on the SWB rim and 5.5 inches on the LWB rim. So if you are planning to obtain a secondhand replacement rim it is best to measure the dimensions of your existing wheels before parting with the cash for another one. New original rims are very hard to find these days, though re-manufactured ones are available. The part number for the standard 88in Series Land Rover rim is 231601 (but 526753 for North America, where 15inch rims were standard). The part number for the standard 109 Series Land Rover rim is 272309, where the offset from the rim centre line is 1 13/16in, but there is an alternative 109in rim with part number 568966 where the offset from the rim centre line is 1 5/16in. Additionally, there are the wheels with detachable rims, used for military applications, which have part number 217267.

wheel rim
Corrosion around
inside of valve hole

wheel rim
Corroded wheel
stud hole

wheel rim
Corrosion around
outside of valve hole

Generally, the standard steel rims of any Series Land Rover are heavy duty and built to last, but the weakest and often overlooked parts are the holes which accommodate the wheel fixing studs and the tyre valve. These are all subject to water corrosion and should be considered reason for discarding the rim. Pictured above from left to right are examples of badly corroded holes which could cause wheels to work loose or valves/innertube to be cut and cause a tyre blowout.

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