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The Series Land Rover Exhaust System

The exhaust system of the Series Land Rover must have gas tight junctions along its length else engine performance will be compromised. You can check for leaks by tying a thin cloth over the end of the COLD tail pipe such that the exhaust emission is hindered but not stopped. Then, any adaptation of the 'detecing wind with a feather technique' will detect leaks at the junctions.

Bolts joining exhaust pipe sections together are often corroded and require either soaking overnight with penetrating oil or the bolts cut through with a hacksaw.
Nuts holding the manifolds to the cylinderhead will require a short socket extension and those holding the front pipe to the exhaust manifold on 1961 and later Series Land Rovers require a long socket extension.

Any Series Land Rover before 1961 will have two heat shields along the front section of the exhaust pipe and some vehicles have a vertically mounted heat shield secured to the inlet manifold.

Early Series Land Rovers have the manifold gasket in one piece, whereas later models only have gaskets on the inlet manifold (on early types,, fit raised side of metal gasket to cylinder head).

Due to the long length of the exhaust system, it is important to ensure that the system is correctly mounted. The support bracketsneed to be able to absorb offroad vibrations via their integral rubber strips. Mount the system loosely first, then tighten the mounting bolts.


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