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Series Land Rover Engine Repairs
(Engine in situ)

The engine bay of a Series Land Rover is sufficiently large to allow good access all around the engine. Partly for this reason it is possible to do a surprisingly large number of major repair and overall jobs on the engine without having to remove it completely from the Land Rover. That doesn't mean that all these jobs are best done without removing the engine but a Series Land Rover requires an extra long and high reach on an engine lifting crane to remove the engine complete. So, the following items can all be removed without the removal of the engine:

  • Cylinder head
  • Oil sump
  • Oil pump (remove sump first)
  • Timing cover and oil seal
  • Timing sprockets, tensioner and chain
  • Pistons, con rods (through top of cylinder bores)
  • Camshaft and cam followers
  • Flywheel housing and housing (transmission must be removed)
  • Crankshaft rear oil seal (flywheel, housing and sump removed)

This of course means that repairs and adjustments related to these engine parts can be carried out with the Land Rover engine in situ.

It should be noted that, for a standard Series Land Rover engine, the crankshaft and crankshaft bearings cannot be removed with the engine in place. Similarly, reboring the cylinder block requires the engine to be removed from the Land Rover.


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