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April 28th 2004
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Rob Fri's 1955 86 inch Series One Land Rover Restoration

Rob's Land Rover has the original 2 litre 4 cylinder petrol engine (number 57110004) chassis (chassis number 57660966 or 21746 the second number being the number stamped on the chassis once reassembled after transporting to Australia...kinda like the convicts of old??).

There was very little rust for a Series Land Rover of this age. The main areas rust can infest a Land Rover are in the chassis, fire wall and exhaust pipe. On first glance it appears to have no rust at all. The chassis had no rust holes whatsoever, the firewall was in excellent condition while the exhaust had the dreaded rust infecting the engine pipe.

When Rob removed the bonnet, front wings, bumper bar, windscreen, roof and sides he found no major problems, though the roof and sides were a little heavy for one person to take off.

The original motor needed to be rebored to at least .060. With the cheapest pistons available at over $750 it meant that a replacment motor would be a cheaper alternative. Rob was lucky to find one and even luckier to be given it for free.

Both the old pitted and rusted swivel pin housings were removed and replaced. Brake cylinders re-sleeved and new brake shoes alround.

The chassis was then sand blasted and painted. Sand blasted to class 2.5 The prima used was Intercure 200 zinc Phosphate.Then it was given 3 coats of interfine 629 black gloss enamel.

For more details on this restoration you should visit Rob's website. Whilst Rob no longer seems to own this vehicle you will find details of his current vehicles and his latest adventures in them.

Rob's website also features details of his adventure on the Canning Stock route and gives a glimpse of part of his 150 model Land Rover collection.

Thanks Rob.

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