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Land Rover Series One R860130

A Rare Find Indeed. Recently found in a shed in Donnybrook Western Australia a genuine Land Rover Series 1 1948 80". The Land Rover's chassis number is R860130 making it a very early example (number 130). Gaydon Heritage Centre say R860130 was built in the first week of production and sold by an Essex garage. It is not known when it came to Oz. It spent more than 30 years in Balingup, a small village next down the highway from Donnybrook.

What a find, an almost silver Series 1 Land Rover, silver because 95% of the light green original paint had weathered off leaving the shiny aluminium body.

The Land Rover is straight but for a couple of aluminium tears with only very little surface rust and almost complete. A scout around the shed revealed 2 doors, a door top and a tailgate. The only parts missing are the grille, the RH door top and the air cleaner as far as could be seen. A closer inspection confirmed the chassis number and the matching engine to be original. The owner, Bob Webber of the southwest branch of the Rover Owners Club of WA is restoring it to "used running condition" not concourse. So far he has acquired a Series 1 air cleaner, a 1948 Land Rover grille with a door top coming soon from another Series One enthusiast. More will be revealed as the restoration progresses

Thanks to Brian Price and Bob Webber for this contribution.

Brian says they have R 860004 there in WA. Although he doesn't know the owner, Bob does.

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About 300,000 Land Rovers had been produced in the first 13 years of production upto 1961.(and they were mostly exported).

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