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The Land Rover Series II

The Series II Land Rover made its first public appearance in 1958, almost 10 years to the day after the original Series I. It was the re-styling which prompted this model to carry the Series II tag. Earlier Land Rover models were only now known as Series I's. A new 88" Series II cost £640 and a 109in £730 (approx AU$1,600 and AU$1,800 respectively).

In the first year 28,000+ Series II's were produced and the following year 34,000+. By 1961 some minor modifications had been made and the introduction of the new diesel 2,286cc prompted the name change to Series IIA. Though the real reason for the "A" was a change in chassis numbering to use a suffix "A".

1962 saw the introduction of the 12 seater Series IIA stationwagon. This was classifiable in the UK as a bus. Hence it became very popular due to it attracting lower sales tax.

SIIA Martin Walter dormobile conversion

A large range of special vehicles were built on the Series II chassis. Land Rover advertising of the period quoted no less than 27 different body styles being available. Advertising of the period also stated that the heater "...provides ample warmth in the cab"!
It was the Series IIA which was reported as being "preferred by the police of 37 countries and the bandits of at least one."

In the early 60's the Australian army adopted the Series II as its first Land Rover and Santana started production in Spain.

The 250,000th and 500,000th Land Rovers were Series II's and Series IIA's respectively.

The Series IIA Land Rover was replaced by the Series III in 1971.


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Official advertising at the time of launch of the Series 2 described the heater it as: "It provides ample warmth in the cab".
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