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Land Rover Series Books

This month we are focussing on trying to help you locate Series Land Rover books, often so difficult to source, especially in Australia.

Many of the best workshop manuals, handbooks and parts catalogues are no longer in print or are not stocked by the larger bookstores.

CLICK HERE - to find used, rare and out-of-print Land Rover books in Australia.

Select "Australia" as your country and "Land Rover Series" as your keywords.
You could also try "offroad" and "4WD" - you will get some great Aussie Offroad Guides listed as available locally.

Parts catalogue
Restoration Guide

But some really classic Land Rover books have been reprinted by other publishers e.g. Brooklands books. These can still be difficult to source in some localities and some Australian online sellers are very expensive. So, we suggest you order from the UK. To compare prices click on a cover.

Finally, the above two sources of books provide safe and secure online purchasing - they would not be recommended otherwise - webmaster