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Richard Lane's 1968 LWB ex-Military Land Rover Series 2a

Richard named his Land Rover John, after the marathon runner "John Landy" who opened the 1956 Olympic games.

The vehicle was originally a four cylinder, 4 speed, rover diffs, with 6000 pound Bamford Smith PTO winch. It dates from April 1968 and Richard acquired it in 1999 from near Albury / Wodonga.

Having had the original engine seize on him, Richard replaced it with a General Motors Holden 202ci (3.3 litre) 6 cylinder. On Richard's website he lists the advantages of this engine as: Better Power and Torque; Better ability to maintain speed on hills; Improved fuel economy and cheap parts.

The conversion kit used consisted of a Conversion adaptor plate; Engine mounting - right; Engine mounting - left; and a Flywheel.

Whilst reporting that the conversion is a huge improvement over the original engine performance Richard is contemplating installing a Windsor Ford V8 and a C4 Ford automatic transmission!

Visit Richard's website for details of other Land Rovers he owns and lots of pictures of their trips and expeditions.

If you wish to exchange ideas with Richard you can contact him through his website.