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The Gallagher's 1968 Land Rover Series 2a with PTO

This ingenious PTO unit was designed as part of 200 litre spray tank equipment. It enables the use of power from the Land Rover to drive the spray pump whilst still able to negotiate creeks and gulleys with ease.

A standard, tractor implement propshaft is used to connect the PTO output shaft to the pump. The actual pump is a dual piston pump, capable of very high pressures, but low flow rate.

Pulling an actuation lever forward engages the mechanism and the Transfer box is put into neutral if vehicle is not to move.

The axle stubs on the trailer are able to slide in and out, so that the whole unit will easily fit into a standard, 6'x4' trailer for road transport.The wheels are spread for stability when operating on rough ground whilst spraying fence lines.