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Rob Frieling's 1955 86" Series 1 Land Rover Restoration


When Rob purchased this Land Rover Series 1 it had the original 2 litre engine but was in need of a major rebore. An alternative engine was available so Rob opted to use that.
The restoration is still in progress and Rob's website features several photos of the strip down of the vehicle to a rolling chassis and then down to the chassis itself.

Enroute to rebuild:

The chassis was sand blasted, straightened and welded. It was given a prima of Intercure 200 zinc phosphate and then 3 coats of Interfine 629 of black gloss enamel.

"Both the old pitted and rusted swivel pin housings were removed and replaced. Brake cylinders re-sleeved and new brake shoes alround."

We hope to feature an update on Rob's Land Rover Series 1 restoration at some point in the future. In the meantime why not check out Rob's website for more photos and and insight into Rob's other interests.