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Land Rover Heritage Society would like to welcome the arrival of an Australian club exclusively for Land Rover owners. Originally launched on the 10th of September 2002.


All Land Rover models are catered for, right through the marque to Freelanders, but there is a predominant interest in older vehicles, including of course, the Series Land Rovers. Infact several of the founding members of this society own Series Land Rovers themselves.

The society provides a medium though which members can learn more of the heritage associated with their vehicles as well as gaining a greater insight into their technical aspects.

Amongst other events,The Land Rover Heritage Society plans to organize technical days and outings. Also , due to a large percentage of the members being involved in restoration projects, the Society is likely to become a focus for inter-exchange of ideas and expertise.

Whether you own a Series Land Rover or any other Land Rover we recommend that you visit their website, where in addition to the features already mentioned, you will find sections devoted to "tips & tricks", "For Sale/Wanted", "Library" and a "Calendar" to name but a few.

For the Land Rover Heritage Society Inc. website click HERE